3 Types of Offenses on a Criminal Record Check

There are various reasons why someone might look into the criminal record of another person. This could be a parent looking into a daycare worker, someone looking into a date, or a potential employer looking into a candidate. If you’re looking into someone’s criminal history or they’re looking into yours, it’s important to know what might be found. Here are the three types of offenses that might show up on a criminal record check.

Felony Criminal Convictions

When most people look into someone’s criminal record, they’re looking for felony criminal convictions. These are serious crimes that might have been committed. Some examples of felony criminal convictions are murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, arson, and aggravated assault. The person will likely have spent some time in prison for the offense. Only convictions will show up on report so if someone was arrested on suspicion but never charged or convicted, it won’t show up on the report.

Misdemeanor Criminal Convictions

A felony conviction will eliminate someone from consideration for many jobs. Misdemeanor crimes are much less serious and will typically not signal a red flag. Some misdemeanors, like theft of values less than $500, might still cause an employer to eliminate a candidate from consideration. This is especially the case if it’s at a retail store where there are items that could be stolen. However, other misdemeanors like trespassing or disorderly conduct might not be taken as seriously by many people. Similar to felony crimes, only convictions will show up on the report so it won’t show up if you were found not guilty.

Infractions or Violations

The smallest offenses are infractions or violations that might have occurred. While criminal convictions will show up on a criminal report, many infractions and violations won’t. It depends on where you live and often on the punishment. For example, petty offenses that were punishable by fine rather than jail time will oftentimes not show up. Some of these offenses include jaywalking, littering, and disturbing the peace. While these might show up on a criminal check, they usually won’t be a concern of those looking at them.

There are various people that might check the criminal record of another person. This will usually be to provide assurance that they haven’t committed a serious crime. Only convictions will show up on a criminal report and usually those that were punished with jail time rather than a fine. These are three types of offenses that will show up on a criminal record check.


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