4 Benefits of Using Feather Flags

Feather flags and inflatable tube men are fun and versatile. Here are other reasons they should be your first choice when it comes to promotional materials:


Promoting your business is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. As long as you stay smart and resourceful, you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding an affordable way to get the word out about your company.

Using feather flags is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do this, especially compared to other advertising options. And, they’re made to last. You might get sever seasons out of yours before the sun fades its brilliant design.

Easy to Assemble

These flag kits are also very easy to assemble. You don’t need any tools or professional assistance to put them up. Nothing has to be drilled or hammered on your walls like banners or posters, either. 

All you need is the telescope pole provided in the kit. Just extend it out, attach the flag, and set it where you want it. There are no unnecessary complications, and it only takes a few minutes to fully assemble.


You can place feather flags anywhere. Their designs are simple and versatile, letting them fit in everywhere they go. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, so you should have no problem carrying them to any location, whether it’s to the beach or the park. 

They can also survive all weather conditions, such as moderate wind, rain, or snow. And, while they may be damaged if things get too rough, they’re easy and affordable to replace as well. 

Many Design Options

If you can think it, designers can probably print it on feather flags. For example, some people just want their logo printed on clean white background for the world to see. Meanwhile, other clients would prefer to have a small cartoon illustrating what their business does.

Whatever the case, it’s easy enough. Just schedule a consultation with the designer, tell them what you want, and they’ll get it done. And, once it’s finished, you can have as many produced as you need to ensure that everyone sees what your company’s all about.

These are just a few benefits of using a feather flag or inflatable dancing man to promote your company. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all the advertisement options and get the word out to your potential clients.


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