4 Most Common Dryer Problems That Need Dryer Repair

A dryer is almost integral to the functioning of a normal household. It is a very useful appliance, without which you cannot really survive cleaning your laundry at home. While dryers are sturdy appliances, they may develop some faults that need immediate dryer repair

Ignoring these problems or faults in your dryer can prove to be consequential to the life and long-term health of your dryer. However, which are these dryer problems, which need professional dryer repair? How to identify these problems? This is what we discuss, in this post. 

Here are four of the most common dryer problems that need dryer repair

1. The dryer is Making Unfamiliar Noise/ Vibration

This is one of the most common problems that a dryer may develop over a period of time. Have you observed an unfamiliar sound or a crazy vibration being produced by your appliance, every time you switch it on, or even during the dryer operations? If yes, it should sound the alarm bells for you! The reason behind this strange sound can be a damaged or worn-out internal component of the appliance. 

In such a case, you should call a dryer repair service immediately, and get the drum, the glides with the blower of the dryer inspected. A professional repair service provider will be able to identify the erring component immediately and fix it in no time. 

2. Dryer Not Turning On

What if your dryer simply refuses to turn on and get started? Well, there can be no direr in a situation to call for immediate dryer repair. However, it is important to understand why your dryer may be behaving this way. One reason for this can be a faulty power supply. However, other more common causes are dysfunctional terminal block and a faulty power on switch. 

In some cases, the reason for the dryer not starting up can also be a major snag in the thermostat of the appliance. The exact cause and the severity of the situation can only be determined by a repair person from a professional dryer repair service, upon manual examination.

3. Dryer Consuming Excessive Power

In many cases, your dryer may be consuming more power than prescribed, or what it usually does. The most critical part is that you will not be able to discover this problem unless you see some substantial jump in your monthly power bill. One reason for this problem can be an aging appliance, in which case, it is recommended to get your old dryer replaced with a new and more-power friendly one. 

However, your dryer may be consuming large amounts of power due to other reasons like a partially damaged thermostat or jeopardized power management settings. In this case, as well, consulting a dryer repair company can be of great help to you. 

4. Dryer Heating Issues

Heating is the primary function of the dryer, isn’t it? Therefore, if your dryer is not heating properly, its very purpose is defeated. While it is common for dryers to develop heating issues, it is never wise to ignore them. If heating issues persist for long, it can lead to permanent damage to the appliance. 

Dryer heating issues can be of two types. In one case, your dryer may not be able to generate enough heat to perform its task. In the second case, you may observe that the dryer is overheating, that is, producing a heat beyond what is required and recommended, and hence is damaging the clothes. In either case, the dryer thermostat is to be blamed. The thermostat must be examined by a professional dryer repair company and may need to be replaced if the damage is irreparable. 


It is important to take good care of your dryer. Most of the time, you can prevent the need for dryer repair simply by proper cleaning and maintenance. However, if the need does arise, one should never shy away from taking the help of a professional dryer repair service. This is especially true if the problem is any of the ones listed above. A professional dryer repair service will not only identify what the cause of the issue is but also fix it for you and provide you the right guidance and assistance. 

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