5 most effective Core Strengthening Workouts

A strong & flexible core helps you do all the physical moments. No matter if it’s in the gym, playing some sports, your workplace, or daily chores, a strengthened core makes it all easy. 

A strong core promotes good posture, better balance and helps in preventing lower back pain. Core strengthening exercises are a must of your fitness routine. The human core comprises the following muscle groups. 

Rectus abdominis: This muscle group is located at the front of your abdomen; it is commonly known as an abdominal muscle which people usually refer to as a six-pack mainly because of its appearance.

Erector spinae: This muscle group comprises three muscles that stretch along the neck to the lower back.

Multifidus: It is located under your erector spinae beside your vertebral column, they play a role in rotating your spine.

External obliques: These muscles are located at the side & front of your abdomen.

Internal Obliques: These muscles are located below your external obliques, and stretch in the opposite direction.

Transverse Abdominis: These muscles are located beneath your obliques, it’s the deepest of all abdominal muscles which wrap around the spine and provide you protection & stability.

Hip Flexors: These muscles are located at the front of your pelvis & the upper thigh, these muscle groups make up your hip flexors including psoas major, rectus femoris, iliacus, pectineus, & sartorius.

Gluteus Medius & Minimus: These muscles are located on your hip sides.

Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings, And Piriformis: These muscles are located at your hips back & upper thigh.

Hip Adductors: These muscle groups are located at your medial thigh & draw your legs in the midline.

Core Workouts

All of your powerful moves originate from your core. A strong core plays a great role in improving your athletic performance and postural balance. The primary advantage of having a strong core is injury prevention. A weak core affects your body’s balance which leads to lower back pain. Core workouts are highly effective as they engage almost all of the muscles in your torso crossing different joints. Here are the 5 most effective core strengthening exercises that you can do in your workout clothes.


This core strengthening exercise requires endurance. It is the best exercise for conditioning your core & glutes & hamstrings, it promotes the proper posture while improving balance. Start this workout by resting your forearms on the ground, by putting the elbows directly under the shoulders & hands facing the front and making them parallel. 

Then start extending your legs at your back & and rest the toes on the ground. Align your whole body in a straight line from the shoulders to heels. Then squeeze the entire core, glutes, & quads, & tuck the butt for keeping your back straight. Ensure that you do not drop hips or hike the butt a little. Position the head in a way that your neck comes in a neutral posture. Hold on to this position.

Panther Shoulder Tap

After getting in your workout clothes start this workout by getting on your knees & hands. Make sure you engage the core & keep the back flat & the butt down then start lifting the knees off the ground around 1 to 3 inches. Fix your gaze on the floor, just a few inches away from your hands in front to keep your neck in a comfortable posture. After that tap, the right hand on the left shoulder, & then left hand on the right shoulder, use your core strength for keeping your hips still. Keep on altering the sides.

Dead bug

Lie straight on the back with both of your arms extended straight towards the roof, & both of your legs raised while the knees are bent at an angle of 90°. Then start lowering the right arm & left leg together till they hover a few centimes above the ground, after that return to the position from where you started. Repeat the workout by engaging your opposite limbs.

Flutter Kicks

It is a simple workout but murdering tough after a few seconds. Lay down on the back & slightly lift your legs off the ground. Raise your shoulder slightly in a way that a little tension is induced in your abs. Then press down your back on the ground & do not lift them from the floor.

After that, flutter the feet up & down & keep the torso still. Hold the position still and repeat the workout. 

Russian Twists

Start this workout by sitting on your glutes, bend your knees out at the front, hold the dumbbell on your waist level by using both hands. Then pull your belly in towards your spine & rotate your torso to the side by moving the dumbbell from hip to hip.


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