5 of the Most Popular Seabook Commercial Wallpaper Designs

Seabrook continues to be one of the most prolific family-owned wallpaper companies in the industry since it’s conception in 1910. One of the simple reasons they owe their success can be summed up by James H. Seabrook Jr, “I have learned the key to success in the wallcovering business: always strive for excellence in color, design, and service.”

It’s become a mantra for the company and something that clients have come to expect from a Seabrook wallpaper; excellent technical wallpaper design with safety and durability in mind. Built upon these principles, Seabrook has become the largest independently owned distributor of commercial wallcoverings and fabrics for the United States. Through partnerships with multiple visionary artists in the industry, Seabrook has curated various wallpaper collections spanning both contemporary and traditional design segments.

Here we’ve shared 5 of the most loved designs from Seabrook that can be used in a number of applications, from hotel lobbies to corporate conference rooms depending on the design style.

Elizabeth Stripes

The Elizabeth Stripes design establishes a mood of opulence and serenity that would be a perfect fit for tall floor-to-ceiling walls in a hotel lobby or bedroom. Spiraling leaves that are pictured as falling in the wind creates an inviting, nature-inspired feel that can open up your space. The design is also offered in black, rose pink, beige, brown, cream white, and grey; a diverse color palette that can match a number of different commercial design styles.

Andrea Stripes

Steering away from intricacy while still using a unique and inspiring tonal color palette can promote concentration while avoiding the dreaded flat, singular colored walls we’ve all seen too many times; the Andrea Stripes design does exactly that. Available in tones of green, white, yellow, dark green, and metallic brown, this more subdued design and color gradient approach promotes focus with a healthy amount of liveliness perfect for a corporate office or conference room environment.

Emory Damask

If you’re a contractor looking for the missing link that will elevate your design space and invoke a sense of luxury for a high-end establishment, look no further than the Seabrook curated Emory Damask design. The traditional Arabic Damask designs became popular in the Victorian era to add a sense of luxury to their spaces. Available in pink, black, tan, green, white, and blue, this versatile design has the capability to match with a number of different design settings.

Emma Stria

Keep it simple with the Emma Stria design featured in various color choices like white, grey, tan, and blue. The Emma Stria design is the perfect commercial wallcovering for contractors looking for a non-distracting wallpaper that retains the integrity of their original design goals. This collection from Seabrook thrives off of its simplicity, making it perfect for any environment where you are looking to promote concentration while still establishing a relaxing overall feeling in the space.

Dahlia Floral

Turn a would-be regular wall into a conversation-starting feature wall with the Dahlia Floral design by Seabrook. This mesmerizing design inspired by the naturally occurring dahlia flower gets a facelift with an assortment of unique accent colors and lighting effects that will make your walls stand out. This wallpaper is perfect for any kind of commercial setting where you want to make a great first impression with your clientele like an upscale commercial restaurant, lounge, or bar.

With high attention to detail, construction, and customer service, Seabrook continues to lead the way in the commercial wallcovering industry. Whether you’re looking for something minimalist and tonal or something highly textured, with lots of color and design detail, Seabook will have a wallpaper design that will match what you’re looking for.


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