5 Ways to Conceal and Protect Exterior Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes can be a real problem when designing your home exterior as they are an eyesore. Being highly necessary for your home’s operation, there’s not much you can do when it comes to the placement of your water pipes. You can try to move them around, but that would cost you a lot of money and time. A safer and easier solution would be to reduce your outdoor plumbing’s visibility. There are many ways to hide or conceal outdoor plumbing. Here are the five most popular. 

1. Paint pipes with the same color as your house siding.

While it’s impossible to rip off your exterior of plumbing pipes, you can make them blend in with the rest of your house design through paint application. Paint white or metallic colored pipes with a color that matches your exterior walls or the bushes nearby. You may choose between a roll paint and spray paint when painting plumbing pipes. To avoid splashing paint on grass or the wall, cover your work area with rugs. 

2. Use durable pipe covers.

If painting pipework doesn’t sound appealing to you, use a pipe cover instead. Today’s pipe covers come in a wide array of colors, designs, and materials. Go check your local hardware store or shop online to find the right cover for your outdoor plumbing. Make sure to buy a pipe cover that is safe and durable for outdoor use. You can’t use a product designed for indoor use as it will not last long.

3. Position potted plants at the front of the pipes.

Low-lying horizontal or short vertical pipes are much easier to hide using outdoor house plants. Choose a leafy plant that is tall enough to cover the water pipe. Another option is to grow a bush or use evergreen groundcover plants. Just make sure you don’t plant them too close to your outdoor pipes to allow space for adjustments or maintenance work.

4. Cover pipes with a wood screen.

For concealing pipes grouped together, use a wood screen for a decorative solution. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a horizontal or vertical wood screen. You can paint the wood with a color that blends in or complements the building. 

5. Use a faux rock cover. 

Faux rock can offer both cover and insulation to your outdoor plumbing fixtures. Being light in weight, faux rock covers are very easy to install and remove during system maintenance or repair. They can also be customized to follow a certain shape, color, or size. 

Ask help from a licensed plumber

Water valves and pipework can easily ruin your residential property’s curb appeal. Following these pipe concealment tips will help you maintain the beauty of your home exterior. However, to better ensure the safety of your outdoor plumbing, it would be best to find a licensed and skilled plumber you can work with. Schedule a personal visit to a local plumbing company today or make inquiries through a phone call.

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