6 Easy Ways to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Being a pet owner is not all fun and games. Pet accidents can happen, which can put you in big trouble, especially when you’re renting a space. One important structure in your home that you should protect from your pet dogs and cats is your plumbing. If you are not ready to deal with expensive plumbing repairs or replacements, you need to pet-proof your water fixtures at home.

Here are 6 easy ways you can pet-proof your residential plumbing:

Don’t forget to close the toilet after every use.

For some reason, pets are attracted to toilet bowls. It could be because of the sound of a toilet flush or the sight of running water. Forgetting to refill your pet dog’s water bowl is another reason why pets find their way in the bathroom. They will look for freshwater inside the house and usually end drinking toilet water. So, in addition to keeping the toilet lid closed all the time, remember to leave your pets enough water to drink before going out. 

Dispose of the cat litter properly.

You can’t throw a bag of kitty litter down the toilet just because it is labeled flushable; it could still build-up down the pipes and cause a blockage. To avoid the risk of plumbing damage, watch what you and your family flush down the toilet. Anything else, besides waste and toilet paper, should be disposed of properly outside. 

Cover all your floor drains.

Small pets like hamsters, kittens, or puppies can fall into your floor drains. To get them out, breaking open the plumbing pipes may be necessary. To avoid such a troublesome situation, make it your priority to place durable covers over all your floor drains in the house.

Conceal exposed plumbing pipes. 

Some pets look at plumbing pipes as a toy they can chew on. To pet-proof your plumbing system, conceal every exposed pipe around your home. Try arranging your furniture around the pipes or use covers like plastic or wood to draw your pet’s attention away from your plumbing. 

Use a drain stopper.

Shedding is a normal process for dogs. When bathing your dog, you will notice more shedding and a great amount of hair going down the drain. To protect your drainage system, install a drain stopper in your bathroom drains. Another option is to wash your dogs outside. 

Watch where your furry friend digs on the lawn.

Your underground plumbing pipes are at risk of damage if you allow your dogs to dig deep in your yard. That is why it’s very important to look after your pets when bringing them outside to play. If you can, train your dog to stop digging up your yard.

Learn more about pet-proofing your plumbing by talking to a pro

To keep your pets and home safe from any plumbing accidents, consult a licensed and experienced plumber about pet-proofing your water fixtures at home. Do not try to do plumbing fixes on your own; otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your plumbing system. Hire a pro today to get fast and quality solutions!

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