Best Marketing Apps & Platforms for Real Estate Agents

Real estate apps have made the work of realtors easier. They have proven to be useful in generating leads, communicating with customers, showcasing properties, and generally enhancing agents’ and clients’ experiences. No wonder many apps and software have been developed for real estate agents in the recent past. 

Traditionally, the real estate industry heavily relied on offline marketing methods. These included flyers, brochures, postcards, and newsletters that were sent through direct mail. But, postcards have aged better than all the other techniques. Today, there are hundreds of realtor postcard templates to choose from. This article will discuss essential marketing apps and tools for real estate agents. 

Zillow Premier Agent App

This is a fantastic app that connects agents with qualified leads. It is a type of listing app that allows you to advertise the properties you have on sale. Typically, you are required to open an account where you list your properties. Unlike other listings services, Zillow provides a contact button where qualified leads click to find your contact details. Besides, Zillow displays your profile, which includes your immediate sales and ratings.

The Zillow premier agent app is free for realtors. Therefore, millions of agents use it. To get the maximum potential from the app, you should sign up for the premium agent advertising. It gives you the advantage of being an exclusive agent in a particular listing. This increases or boosts your chances of receiving the full commission from a closed deal.

If you want to close many deals on Zillow, you need to optimize your profile. For instance, you should encourage your past clients to leave reviews and ensure you reply to each of them, including the negative ones. Also, provide all the vital or necessary information about your company, including your contacts, website, and social media platforms. 

The advantage of using Zillow is that you get exposure to thousands of homebuyers. By profiling your past jobs, Zillow helps you to demonstrate your skills to potential clients. It also levels up the playing field for new agents who have minimal listings. On the flip side, the cost of subscribing to this Zillow app is considerably high. 


Facebook is an excellent place to create and nurture leads. But, you must learn how to use it well to generate results. Your personal Facebook profile won’t do the trick when it comes to real estate marketing. Therefore, the first thing to do is to open a business account. A business page contains tools and features that are not available on personal accounts. 

Another critical trick in Facebook marketing is having a professional profile picture and cover page. These two elements act as your shop-front. The profile picture can be a headshot, your real estate team, or company logo. On the other side, the cover page can be a photo of a property or a video. Regardless of what you choose, your cover page and profile picture should do the following:

· Represent your brand positively

· Highlight the best qualities and features

· Use the recommended Facebook size

· Look vibrant and professional

Good content will attract people to your Facebook business page. Ensure the content is unique, high-quality, and consistent. Also, allow reviews on your page. This helps to build credibility among your prospects. Besides, you should capitalize on images and videos; they can increase your following. Make sure your visual content is of high quality and leaves a positive impact on the viewers. 

There are many advantages to using Facebook in real estate marketing:

• It exposes your business to millions of potential buyers due to a large number of users on Facebook.

• You can pay up for Facebook ads to generate more potential leads.

• You can increase traffic to your website by posting links on your Facebook page. 

However, Facebook marketing has its share of challenges. You need to devote plenty of time and the right skill set to manage the page effectively. And, you should be braced for negative feedback – there is plenty of it on Facebook. 


Two things make YouTube a perfect marketing tool for real estate agents: it is the second-largest search engine globally, and videos are among the top-ranking factors for Google. But, if you want to stay on edge, you must produce top-notch content. 

It begins with creating a competitive YouTube channel. Be sure to brand your company on the channel. Include your brand components, such as your color scheme, shapes, fonts, and logo. As you have done with your social media pages, you need to add your company contact details to your YouTube channel. 

Most importantly, produce the highest quality videos if you want them to go viral. Vary the videos to include Q&A sessions with industry experts, live streams, and testimonial videos. Also, post content consistently to build a loyal following. 

In addition to having a broad target audience, YouTube offers you a free avenue to promote your brand and generate leads. The videos are easy to share, and with great content, your videos can go viral. However, you are surrounded by competitor videos on your YouTube channel. And, not to mention the many intrusive adverts that automatically show on your videos. 


BoomTown provides real estate agents with client relationship management solutions and lead generation. Additionally, it offers real estate marketing tools, lead assignment, and task management. If you want to gather a comprehensive lead database, BoomTown is the to-go app. This app can also help you to target leads in a given geographical area. 

BoomTown is designed with features that help you create, nurture, and connect with leads. It contains a lead creation platform to help you connect with your leads. The consumer website platform in BoomTown enables you to develop IDX webpages. 

BoomTown is a desirable app for real estate agents because it has optimum lead creation and nurturing functions. Also, it provides you with comprehensive insights into your prospects. It updates listing details hourly. 

Direct Mail

Direct mailing is a traditional marketing tool that is still in use by savvy real estate agents. Unlike digital marketing tools, direct mailing involves sending printed postcards, brochures, or flyers to your clients via mail. 

When it comes to direct mailing, you should define your audience correctly. In other words, make sure you target the right people when sending your marketing materials. This is to avoid sending mail to people who will never need them. Besides that, it is important to check the timing when sending your postcards. You should amplify your direct mailing efforts before the onset of summer when real estate markets are at their peak. 

Another essential factor to consider is your printing company. Hire a company that specializes in postcards for real estate agents. They should provide you with diverse realtor postcard templates so you can choose the ones that fit your brand best. Ensure that your printing company has a professional and experienced design and production team. This will guarantee you the timely and efficient production of your postcards. 

One of the advantages of using direct mail is that it is cost-effective. Also, it allows you to connect with your audiences at a personal level. This increases the chances of the recipients responding to your mail. Through direct mail, you can send targeted messages to specific audiences. 


All these apps and tools are powerful marketing channels for real estate agents. All you need to do is identify the ones that align best with your company’s needs and image. And implement them properly to generate results. 


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