High-Intensity Boxing Circuit Exercises

If you are a fitness enthusiast you must know that doing the same workouts over and over gets boring after some time. What you need here is exercises or training that you would spice up the activity you perform. This is for what high-intensity workouts are. High-intensity boxing workouts are explosive and speedy. Performing those plyometrics drills opens you to endless methods of building better coordination, power, strength, & endurance.

Boxing HIIT Circuit

Boxing is an amazing cardio workout that develops speed, strength, & stamina. This HIIT boxing circuit combines high-intensity boxing moves which pushes you to your limits. Make sure you take optimum rest after doing all those exercises. Consider taking a one-minute walk before repeating the circuit. Repeat the whole circuit for 4 to 6 times according to your fitness level. 

Do Left/right jab-cross & squat for 30 to 60 seconds

Shift yourself in the boxing stance, put on your boxing gloves, and stand on your feet shoulder-distance apart, with a punching bag at your front. Align both of your toes, lead with a foot with its heel touching the other foot at back. Point the toes at an angle of 45 degrees to the punching bag. Shift one hand in a punching position and another for guarding your face. Throw a couple of punches- right & left & squat. Continue performing this combination for a minute or half.

Do Cross punches for 30 to 60 seconds

This workout drill targets the muscles in your shoulders & arms. Throw your punches with full force, keep your abdominals tight & face fully protected with your other hand. Place the opposite foot forward to the hand you are using for punching. While you are throwing a punch, the hand should go towards your face not down.

Do Right/ left side kicks (10 Reps) & 30 straight punching for 90 to 120 seconds.

Start this withstanding beside a heavy bag a few inches apart. Get in a fighting stance by moving the right leg back, your left arm in a position of guarding the face & right hand in front of the chin. Then start rotating your hips & pivot on the left foot, keep the knee raised, then strike out powerfully strike at your right, hit the heavy bag with your right foot heel. Keep your toes & feet flexed, stick out your heels & make the first contact. After that Recoil the foot & knee immediately. 

Do a Lunge with kick & 4 jabs cross for 30 to 45 seconds?

Stand with a punching bag at your front a few inches away from your foot. Take a step back with the right foot by going down in a lunge position. Explode up from the bottom, by driving the left heel and return to standing. Then immediately throw a front kick with the heel. After that go to the boxing stance with moving your one foot slightly back, and perform four cross punches, with alternating hands. Then repeat the same sequence with the opposite leg.

Do Hooks for 30 to 45 seconds on each side.

It is the most incredible workout that engages your obliques. Perform nonstop hooks in this interval. Get in your fighting stance by moving your dominant foot at the back. Turn your front foot at an angle of 45 degrees. Fairly distribute your weight between your both feet & back of your heel on the ground, then bring both of your hands at the level of your face. Do a hook with the non-leading hand for 30 to 45 secs. And switch the sides.

Do Burpee with push up, and straight punches & two hooks for 30 to 45 seconds

Start this interval by standing, a few inches away from the punching bag. Open your feet hip-distance apart. And perform a single burpee: Keep the chest up, and lower down as you do in squats then place both of the hands at your front on the ground, and go into a pushup position. Keep your abs tight, and perform a pushup. After that return back to the top plank position & jump both of your feet & hips back to the lowered squat position & drive your heels to do a jump into the air. Then land back softly, throw a punch on the heavy bag by altering both sides and perform the hook. 


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