HostingRaja – The Best Platform to Get VPS Hosting for Your Website

While building a new website, the majority of people choose shared hosting, mainly due to its affordability. However, once your website will start gaining popularity, you’ll realize that your shared hosting plan is not enough to support the incoming traffic. This is when the quest to upgrade the hosting package begins. 

Of course, if your website is attracting an extensive amount of traffic, it would be better to choose a dedicated server to manage it. However, if the traffic is limited and you don’t want to spend too much money, you’ll be much better with the VPS hosting service. For people who don’t know, VPS hosting is a type of web hosting plan that utilizes virtualization to divide a physical server into multiple parts. 

This way each website has its own dedicated space in the server and does not interfere with the functionality of other websites. As compared to traditional shared hosting, VPS hosting is comparatively more secure and can also handle more traffic. However, it’s not as expensive as a dedicated server, which means you can easily deliver the desired browsing experience to your visitors without exceeding the budget. 

When it comes to buying VPS hosting service, you have multiple platforms to choose from. But, if you are looking for a reliable hosting provider with exceptional features, we recommend visiting HostingRaja. It’s one of the leading web hosting providers in India that offers an extensive range of hosting packages to website owners. These packages include shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and even VPS Hosting. 

Let’s take a look at a few factors that separate HostingRaja’s VPN Hosting from other hosting providers in the market. 

1. Affordability

HostingRaja offers affordable VPS hosting packages that start from Rs. 549 per month. With the basic package, you’ll get 20GB of SSD storage space along with 2 GB RAM. This configuration is enough to support the increased incoming traffic and offer a safe browsing experience to the customers. So, if you’re looking for an affordable VPS hosting service provider, HostingRaja is the right answer. 

2. cPanel Interface

HostingRaja offers the traditional cPanel user interface to keep things as simple as possible. Thanks to the cPanel, you’ll be able to set up your website easily. HostingRaja also offers a one-click setup for the majority of CMS platforms including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc. This means you’ll be able to build your website on your own. 

3. Easy Migration

HostingRaja provides quick migration solutions for people who want to migrate their website from other platforms. Since migration is a critical process, it’s always a good strategy to let professionals handle it. With HostingRaja, you can stay assured that technical experts will migrate all your files from the previous hosting platform to their own VPS server. As a result, you’ll get a completely smooth web hosting migration and keep your websites up & running. 

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Finally, another reason why you should choose HostingRaja to buy a VPS hosting package is their 24/7 customer service. While managing a website, it’s quite common for website owners to encounter different technical errors. 

Fortunately, you can get in touch with a technical expert from HostingRaja within minutes. He/She will understand your query and provide you with a working solution to fix the problem. This way you can stay assured that your website will never go down due to a technical fault. 


Choosing VPS hosting service at HostingRaja is ideal for people who want to enhance the overall security of their website and improve its bandwidth. A VPS Server will help you manage the increased incoming traffic and provide a user-friendly experience to the visitors. 


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