How to get a visa for the US?

If you are a citizen of the Netherlands, you can apply for an ESTA (ESTA aanvragen) for your visit to the US. However, if your visit doesn’t come under the purview of ESTA or you have been denied ESTA, then you should apply for a VISA to the US. Though the visa application process is lengthier and more time consuming than that of the ESTA process, you shouldn’t have much problem with the process if you know how to do it right. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting US visa:

  • Determine the Visa type

Before you even begin to apply for your US visa, it is vital that you determine what type of visa you will need. You need to decide which category applies to you. 

  • Complete the online form

Once you have decided on the visa type, you can go to ESTA FORMULIER to fill up the DS-160 form. This form must be filled up before you can proceed with the Visa application process. 

  • Register for appointment

After you have filled up the DS-160 form, You will need to enter the confirmation number obtained after submitting the DS-160 form for each applicant during the registration process. You will also be asked to enter address details where your passport is to be delivered after your Visa interview. In this step, you will have to pay the nonimmigrant visa fees for all applicants. This will help set up your Consular interview. 

  • Attend the interview

On the pre-fixed date and time, visit the US Consulate for your interview. This interview is very important for your Visa approval. Answer all questions truthfully and you will have no problems whatsoever. 

  • Follow instructions

After the interview is over, you will be provided guidance about what you need to do next and how you can receive your passport. Follow the instructions give to you. If you want to apply for an immigrant visa, follow until Step 3, then

  • Go for a medical exam

Once you have got a date for the appointment, schedule your medical exam at the Consulate’s Panel Physician’s office. 

  • Gather all documents needed

At the interview, you will need to carry a list of documents. These documents will be checked and verified during the interview and missing any of these may affect your Visa approval. 


  1. It is possible to reschedule your visa interview. However, your interview may get delayed if no free slots are available in the succeeding days. 
  2. If you are a senior citizen, a minor, or a disabled, you may ask only one person to accompany you to your interview. 
  3. If you need it, you may bring along an interpreter. The interpreter must have his/her passport. 
  4. The visa interview doesn’t guarantee approval. Do not make any plans before you have your visa approved. 

If you want to renew a US visa (ESTA AMERIKA), you may not have to attend a Consular interview. 


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