How to Get rid of Body Fat by Home Workouts

Finding the time for exercising can be difficult. Managing time between work, family & friends, especially when you have personal hobbies & social commitments it’s not an easy task. Many people struggle with their fitness routine. If you are a beginner and looking for ways of losing weight, without going to a gym. Here is the good news for you. There are some of the great home workouts that effectively help in losing weight. After getting in your workout top here some of the workouts that you can do.


Burpees are one of the most effective and somehow a brutal exercise that burns the body fat away while building your muscle. It targets all the major muscle groups in your body while improving your cardiovascular health. They are fun to do. If you would have given a choice of performing a single workout for the rest of your life, picking burpees would be a smart choice.  

Start this exercise by standing on your feet opened hip distance apart, and drop down in a squat position with both of your hands touching the floor at your front. 

After that kick both of your feet at your back, and extend your arms like you are doing a plank. Remain there for a moment then jump the feet back closer to your hands. Then stand up & reach the arms overhead and jump back to the point from where you started. And so, another repetition. 

Jumping Lunges 

This exercise is a variation of a basic lunges exercise. The plyometric variation includes high jumping & switching the forward foot as you land. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout that develops & improves your lower body strength & power, while challenging the dynamic stability & coordination. It targets your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, & calves and also stabilizes your core and improves ankle stability. 

After getting in your workout clothes start this workout by bending the knees & sinking down in the deep lunge like you are about to jump. Then Lean forward a little and contract the core muscles. Make sure you keep the core engagement during the exercise. 

After that sink your body’s weight down & explosively drive your feet on the floor & push the body upward, then extend your knees & hips and jump. While humping bring both of your feet closer & switch the positions as you land.  Make sure you maintain your body balance while landing. Don’t push your toes forward. Allow the bending of hips & knees so absorbing the landing. Then drop down into the lunge position in order to prepare yourself for the next jump lunge and repeat the movement. 

Jack Knife

It is an amazing low-impact workout that strengthens your abdominal muscles and they are very easy to master. Start this workout by laying straight on the ground while extending your arms & legs. Get your spine in the neutral position. If the floor is hard consider laying on a mat. 

Breathing properly, before you begin and inhale deeply as you start. Then Exhale while contracting your abs and raise both your arms & legs. Bring your legs straight up at an angle of 35-45 degree with the floor. And bring the arms over the head and make them parallel to the legs. Then move the head off ground at the same angle as the torso. 

Try holding yourself in the jack knife position for a moment. Being static in that position will improve your stability. Then inhale deeply as you begin to lower down your arms & legs to the position from where you started. Do 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps. Consider taking half a minute break between each rep. It will give your body some time to recover. You can also perform jack knife variation once your body is adapted. 

Mountain Climbers

It is a daunting workout that targets your whole body, especially the shoulders, arms, quads, & your core. It is great for boosting your cardio endurance, enhancing core strength, & agility. It’s like engaging all the major muscle groups of your body in an intense physical activity by performing a single exercise. 

Start this workout by going into the plank position. But make sure you distribute the whole-body weight fairly between the hands & toes. Then check your body from—open your hands by placing them shoulder-distance apart, hold your back flat, engage your abs, & align your head.

After that pull the right knee closer to your chest. Keep on switching your legs, by pulling a knee out while bringing your other knee closer. Make sure you keep the hips down, while running your knees. Also try alternating inhaling & exhaling as you switch your legs.


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