Online Fantasy Cricket – How to Play this Game on App?

Fantasy cricket is particularly popular in India. You can play fantasy cricket on online platforms offering you the best platform in the industry to showcase your cricketing skills. These platforms will guide you through the format of the game and provide you with the basic tips and tricks to play fantasy cricket online.

Fantasy cricket requires a strategic approach and you need to have a calculating mind and a thorough knowledge of cricket. Your game plan should be matched with different leagues and tournaments. Fantasy cricket is based on real matches. You have to form a team of 11 players from the upcoming real matches and depending on the performance of the selected 11 players, you can earn points. In fantasy cricket, you have to score as many runs as possible in order to get a good lead in the game.

To win in fantasy cricket, you have to analyze various aspects like pitch conditions, good player selection, weather conditions, bowling, and batting order. We have prepared a healthy guide for you on how to play fantasy cricket online on the app.

Player selection.

First, download the app and complete the registration process on your phone. This will open a list of matches in which you need to select your preferred match. The next process is to select the players for which you will get 100 points.

You need to create a team of 11 players. You can choose any player from the two teams that are playing and up to 7 players from one team. You can manage your team in the “My Teams” section of the Fantasy Cricket app.

  • Batsmen (min. 3, max. 6)
  • Bowlers (min. 3, max. 6)
  • Wicketkeepers (min. 1, max. 4)
  • All-rounders (min. 1, max. 4)

You can change and modify your fantasy cricket team before the registration deadline for that game. 

Fantasy Cricket Rules

  • The captain of your fantasy cricket team is awarded 2x points.
  • The vice-captain of your fantasy cricket team is awarded 1.5x points.
  • If a player who is added to your team does not play, he will not receive any points. Points will be awarded to the player who played as a substitute.
  • Once the completed points are marked, no out-of-game adjustments will be made. Points for live matches can be changed if the status is “In Progress” or “Pending Review”.
  • If the batting rate is less than 70 runs per 100 balls, then only batting rate points will be meaningful.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

  • Always keep an eye on your players and update yourself for the upcoming matches. Make sure that the player you pick is actually playing on the field. You can also edit your fantasy cricket team after throwing the ball and before playing the first ball.
  • It is best to choose an all-rounder as captain and vice-captain as this will increase the likelihood of scoring maximum points as the all-rounder scores in different departments. The captain of your fantasy cricket team will receive 2x points and the vice-captain will receive 1.5x points.
  • Always play in mini-leagues. We know that large tournaments are tempting because they offer huge prizes, but playing in smaller leagues can be advantageous because there is less traffic and a higher chance of winning. Join smaller leagues with 30 teams or less.
  • Always choose players who have played well in recent tournaments and don’t take chances with new choices because you may end up losing. Choose your captain and co-captain from the best players, this may cost you more points, but will increase the likelihood of winning.
  • When playing in the big leagues, create more than 5-6 teams. Always try different combinations of players on different teams, and change the captain and co-captain combinations as well. This will help you gain a lot of experience in understanding which players are best suited for which specific position and your chances of winning will eventually increase.

Final Thoughts 

Playing fantasy cricket online is not as easy as it seems. Fantasy cricket is not only a game of luck but also a game of practical and analytical thinking. You have to outsmart your opponents and apply various permutations in the game to get the maximum score. Playing in a fantasy cricket app with IPL live score at Balle Baazi will provide you with an entertaining and hassle-free gaming experience.


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