Step-By-Step Guide to Planning the Anniversary Party

Throwing an anniversary party for the couple is an excellent way to surprise them and grace them with your blessings. Also, anniversary parties are one of the ways where the couple can cherish their love, have fun while their dear and near ones can interact with them. 

However, many of you feel intimidated by the idea of planning a party because it is a lengthy and tedious process. But, not to worry! We have listed steps to plan an anniversary party that will make the entire process a cakewalk as well your surprise a success. 

1. Set The Date and Time:

The first step is to set the date and time of the anniversary party. Now, 99% of the time, the party will take place on the same date the couple got married a year or a few years ago. But, 1% there may be a change in the date due to reasons. In that case, schedule the party on a date after the anniversary and not before. For example, the anniversary date is 24th February, then you can have a party on 25th, 26th, etc. but not on the 23rd. The reason being, it’s said to celebrate after the anniversary date has gone and not before. Then, give your guests a party time as the party starts at 8:00 pm so that the party can begin on time. 

2. Choose Location:

Many of you tend to undermine the importance of the location. But, location is important. Choosing an ideal location takes you one step closer to hosting the perfect anniversary party. The location will depend on the theme, budget, and type of the party. If it’s an intimate party and you want to cut on cost; you could go to your home as the venue. If you are planning a theme party or a large gathering, then outdoor locations would be more appropriate. The site is also important for the delivery of marriage anniversary cake, supplies of materials, designing invitations as all required you to mention the location address. Some of the location ideas: 

  • Home (Terrace, backyard, Garden) 
  • Banquet/ Party Halls
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs/Lounge

3. Decide on Anniversary Theme:

The planning themed anniversary party is in trend. Also, themed parties are more fun to attend, both for the couple and the guests. How to select the theme is the biggest question. There are two approaches to it. First, you could select trending themes like retro, masquerade, costume drama, etc. The second approach is to select a theme as per the number of years, such as 25th calls for silver, 50th for gold, 60th, and 75th for a diamond, 1st for paper, etc. Once the theme is selected, everything ranging from invites to decor to food will be as per the theme. 

4. Plan Food and Beverages:

Guests are mostly there for food and entertainment. So, your food and beverage menu has to be the best! Have starters, main course, and desserts for the food menu. If the guests are alcoholic, have a minibar otherwise cocktails and mocktails would do. The theme anniversary party calls for theme-based foods. Also, take into consideration the preference of the guests, vegetarians, non-vegetarians, or both. Consult a local catering company or go for ready-made food items. The choice is yours. Do not forget the cake! From a reputed bakery, make cake delivery in Pune or wherever the party is. 

5. Entertainment and Games:

As we said earlier, guests are there for entertainment. Plan some exciting games and activities so that the guest can have fun. Also, indulge a couple of honor in activities because it’s their day. They should have a gala time. Go for a live band or DJ, organize a couple of games, ask the friends and family members to give speeches about the couple, etc. 

6. Miscellaneous Requirements:

Other than this, book a photographer to capture the memorable moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Then, if it’s a house anniversary party, you have to take care of decorations, food, and other preparations. You can outsource as well. If it’s in a banquet hall or any other place, just give them the details, and they will take care of it. 

Once all the planning, booking are done, send out the invites and watch the party become the talk of the town. 


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