Tips on How to Study and Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Computers aren’t simple, the available resources for the CompTIA can be outdated, and there is no use in spending a great deal of money on an Exam just to fail. No one really wants a dent in the pocket and an internalized dose of shame. We do understand that. We were there too. We know the study challenge for the A+ test and we also realize that there is hope!

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to pass a CompTIA A+ Certification. Listening to these basic tips on CompTIA A+ Certification training, you will show up on exam day, ready to go, and be sure of progress.

Build your own computer workstation

The Certification exam for CompTIA A+ tests you on a lot of hardware information. The joy of designing the first computer is one of the most satisfying moments that you will have in Life. Few things are so simple yet intimidating. Creating a personal computer is an exhilarating way to become comfortable with components and hardware. The time-intensive procedure and muscle memory show you that writing and reading just can’t. Building a workstation explains what the HDD, RAM, GPU, SSD, MOBO, CPU, and a large group of different acronyms mean. Many questions in the CompTIA A+ exam covering a huge range of software and hardware information that is required at an entry-level job for Information Technology. Building a workstation gives you involvement with setting up an OS, hardware differences, selecting case and motherboard type, running through a BIOS, and some more. It is a fine method to feel relax on the day of the examination, realizing that the hardware part of the CompTIA test is a real-world practice not just theory. 

Set up a test lab for CompTIA A+

A normal test lab would contain a desktop computer, a monitor, networking components (such as a switch, router, and other components of networking) and an OS included the exams for 220-902 and 220-901. You can begin to tinker and prepare for the 220-901 and 220-902 exam with this fundamental set-up. Don’t simply set-up a lab, “USE IT”! The complex task of Practice like CPU overclocking and becoming a specialist at the management of BIOS. For CompTIA A+, the test is vast in span and a general information test, but not too deep. Utilizing a test lab will be very useful for solid ideas in your brain. 

Chose a study guide for CompTIA A+ certification 

Costing money for Certificate tests. A lot of money, sometimes. And when you launch your path to certification master for the first time, there is this urge to obtain good results at a reduced expense. Sometimes that frugal mentality can be our downfall. Acquiring a CompTIA course doesn’t just offer you access to huge amounts of materials, it also forces you to be a time and education steward. They often aren’t as worthy to us when things are free. This is the reason it is good to purchase a book or course covered the exam of CompTIA A+. Money not only puts teeth into studying (you really need to pass because you can earn money in order to make that purchase valuable) it usually costs money.


The internet has a lot of wonderful videos which help to illuminate computer aspects. Many professionals are releasing constant content on CompTIA Certs and computers in general, through YouTube and other outlets. Various YouTube channels are a great way to learn an informative lesson from LinusTechTips to Professor Messer and study computer topics. There are several educational series on almost every topic, including a series of videos on the Exam. Pick a decent channel on YouTube, ask the questions, get interested, and research. Although you can’t exactly communicate in a manner that can lead to real-life experience and solidify ideas, the visual element is a perfect way to learn it before deep diving.

Practice Tests

Hardly anything builds trust like a practice examination. Learning to perfect the course of CompTIA with Important questions found on Actual tests is a tremendous boost to morale. Many professionals of IT passed these exams and took the time to set up AWESOME resources that will drive you to success. Exam-Labs offers outstanding assessments covering a wide variety of tech subjects including CompTIA A+ Certifications. They are a priceless contribution to achieving the A+! Looking over all the real-world problems and learning what the test feels like before losing a lot of money to pass on the day of the exam is extremely important.

Find a Mentor

This is an underpriced move in the IT world to become successful. Often, a question goes beyond a student’s scope until they learn the basics. However, without that basic knowledge, you might not understand what to learn to answer the question! This causes a horrible loop of frustrating feeling which contributes to the inability to attain success. The Mentor’s invaluable here. Having somebody to communicate through tough problems to gain knowledge and understanding IT is one of the most effective tools you can have to take the exam. Take the time to search for a nearby mentor from a surrounding college or field of information technology. If this is not possible then use the INTERNET! It sounds like common sense but we sometimes forget how beneficial it can be to find help as simple as Reddit.

Understand the Certification Exam Objectives of CompTIA A+ 

It’s amazing how so many people try the CompTIA A+ 901 and 902 Exam without spending the effort to just understand through the exam objectives. The Association of Computing Technology Industry has set out a fairly explicit and easy-to-read list of the necessary goals and steps for passing the exams. These not only offer a preview of what can be found in the study, but they are also fantastic windows into the domain of CompTIA A+ exams. The tests are revised nearly every three years, continuously removing old outdated products from the requisite information and looking forward to new technologies. A positive indication that you can pass the exam is that you can do all the goals set by CompTIA when you feel confident.

Always keep learning! Good luck.


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