Ways To Relax After A Long Day

After a long tiring day at work, (we mean work from home) because that’s the new normal, all you want to do is relax. But, often or not, you find it difficult and fall to the temptation of endless scrolling, binge-watching, or get caught up in the whirlwind of home duties– cleaning, attending kids, etc. etc. The cycle repeats itself every day until one day you finally shout, “ I am exhausted; I need a break.” 

This is the story of every adult these days. We are here to help you all out. To help you unwind and relax, even if it’s for just 15 minutes. Check out the ways. Just a glance will make you feel relaxed. 

  1. Schedule Your Downtime: Make a downtime goal and give it a priority. Like, set aside 5-10 minutes doing nothing. You can also set a goal of doing 3-5 relaxation activities during your working week and slowly make it a part of your calendar. 
  1. Unplug At the End of the Day: All day long; you are on your phone and computer screens. Constant and prolonged screen timing is a cause of stress and tensions. In between the work, take a break for 10-15 minutes from the screen. And at the end of the day, unplug from technology and gadgets. Give yourself the rest or spend time with family, or go for a walk. This will help with your sanity tremendously. 
  1. Do Yoga and Meditation: The best time to meditate and do yoga is morning and evening. After your work hours, you can spend a few hours calming your body and brain. Tryout soothing yoga poses like child pose (Balasana), corpse pose (Savasana), cat-cow pose (Bitilasana-Marjaryasana). Then practice breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga and meditation will help you fall asleep faster and better, which otherwise you find it hard. You will wake up fresh and will feel so much better. 
  1. Read a Book: When you decide to unplug, read a good book. Curl up on a couch, drink a cup of coffee/tea, and spend your time with books. It is one the excellent ways to declutter your mind from work stress, and other distractions, and to do what you enjoy. Books are great gifts for boys and girls. Gift someone who loves books or instill in someone the excellent habit of reading books with your gift
  1. Take a Bath: A warm shower or a bubble bath to wash off the tensions and stress. Water has a calming effect on the body and mind. Light up candles, use Epsom salt, essential oils, or fragrant bath salts like Lavender for achieving pure relaxation. Even amid your work, splash some cold water on your face to soothe the eyes. 
  1. Listen To Music: When nothing works, music helps! Unwind listening to music. You can listen to your favorite hits or go for those relaxing, soft, and something tunes. Just lay down, or go for a walk with headphones on. 
  1. Get Crafty: Even if you are not born with creative fingers, you can still color or draw something. This activity will allow you to focus yourself on something more productive, will get your creative juices flowing, and eventually make you feel good about yourself. 
  1. Get Out Of the House: A change of the place can do wonders for you. Go out, not far than your garden. Breathe in some fresh air, spend time in nature, come back, feeling relaxed. 

Incorporate all these ways into your daily routine to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 


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