Which reader’s glasses work the best?

Are you continually squinting your eyes to make out the tiny-sized letters on books and restaurant menus? Do the words on the newspaper blur when you bring the paper closer to your face? If this happens to you every day, you may be having presbyopia. Presbyopia causes your eye lens to lose flexibility as you age, making it harder for you to focus on nearby objects.

If this is your case, reader glasses can easily correct your vision. Readily available in local eyewear stores and from online eyewear retailers, reader glasses are available with or without prescription.

Over-the-counter Reader glasses

Available without a prescription, these glasses are ready-made and can be found anywhere. These reader glasses are great for everyday use and are not very expensive. This might be your choice if you want to try some outside the box frames. While selecting a pair of readymade reader glasses, it’s good to try them on and see if you can read. Many opticians will usually have a few leaflets for you to read and test your glasses.

Although over-the-counter reader glasses are good for temporary use, they aren’t ideal for long-term use. If they are not the correct power, they can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Another thing to remember is that ready-made reader glasses have the same powers for both the eyes and this can cause problems if one of your eyes has a drastically different prescription from the other.

Ready-made reader glasses also may not work well for you because they cannot correct astigmatism. Along with this, these glasses have no anti-glare lens coatings which can subsequently cause more problems for the wearer. 

If you have an over-the-counter pair and are experiencing headaches, it’s good to schedule an eye test with Specscart and get reader glasses that will make reading and looking at nearby objects easier for you!

Prescription Reader glasses

Prescription reader glasses are glasses fitted specifically for your eyes. These glasses not only correct your near vision, but they also correct any astigmatism. Prescription glasses are also fitted according to your pupillary diameter which means they are easy to adjust to. 

You can also combine prescription reader glasses with various other lens coatings to make them suitable for everyday use. Some lens coatings help protect your eyes from blue-light, sunlight, and glare. Although prescription glasses are expensive, they prevent your vision from degrading any more.

Whether you choose over-the-counter or prescription reader glasses, remember to get a yearly eye exam done. This allows your doctor to ensure that you don’t have a cataract, glaucoma, or other eye conditions that are interfering with your eyesight.

If you’re buying reader glasses anytime soon, these are some things you should take care of:

– Buy frames perfect for your face shape. There are various guides online that help you in finding the best frames for your face!

– Try and get multiple pairs of reading glasses. This means you don’t have to carry them everywhere and you can easily swap frames if you want a change. Specscart might be a great place to look for reading glasses and stylish frames because we have a frame for every game.

If reading glasses don’t work for you, try switching to bifocals and progressives. With better adjustments for both far and near, bifocals and progressives save you the hassle of carrying your readers everywhere.

Whether you are looking for reading glasses or progressives, you should head to Specscart for your buy. With half a dozen eyewear brands and great prices, we have something for everyone! Buy prescription glasses online with Specscart and you are not going to be disappointed!

Happy shopping for reading glasses!


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