Best Pitching Machines For Every Budget – Reviewed

We have got you covered if you are searching for a high-performing pitching machine to hone your hitting and fielding drill.

In the following article, we have reviewed some of the most efficient and best pitching machines along with their key specs to help you choose your desired machine.,

Stay tuned with us to read this in-depth analysis. We have also added a complete buying guide at the end of the article to help you in an even better way!

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine


Material: Alloy with Aluminum casting
Suggested users:
Item weight:
11.4 kg



Pitches accurate deliveries
Throws multiple types of pitches
Highly portable
Comes with 5 years limited warranty


- Not suitable for regular ball
- Expensive

The Hack Attack Pitching Machine is best for softball and baseball, which throws accurate pitches while you practice. Also, you can easily see the ball coming out of feeding motion just as a live pitcher.

Moreover, this pitching machine by Sports Attack throws various types of balls. It pitches split fingers, sliders, curveballs, and fastballs. Also, the machine’s head pivots in your desirable direction for 380-foot fly balls, pop-ups, line drives, and ground balls.

Another lovable thing about this three-wheel machine is that it is highly portable like the Blue Flame machine. Although heavy in weight, you can move and transport it easily.

Also, this machine comes with a limited 5-year warranty period covering the legs and machine.

However, there are certain demerits of this machine as well. When you pitch regular balls with it, it loses its accuracy, so you need to bring special balls for the best performance.

The price of this machine is expensive but completely worth the spending.

Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine


Material: Sturdy materials
Suggested users: Men
Item weight: 47.63 kg



Best pitching machine for youth
Extremely portable
Pitches various kinds of balls
Accommodates almost everyone


Not much durable

The Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack is a highly popular baseball pitching machine among young players.

This three-wheel machine is highly portable, and you can easily transport it from your backyard to the playing ground and back to your backyard, or wherever you want. It can easily fit into any compact car and a regular doorstep.

Like the Hack attack, this machine also accurately pitches multiple types of balls such as left and right-handed curves, fastballs, knuckles, split fingers, sliders, etc.

Also, this Sports Attack pitching machine adjusts players from multiple skill sets and age groups. This machine is recommended for travel teams, backyard, youth leagues, and drills at every level, including professional, college, and high school players.

 However, there are certain issues regarding the durability of the machine. There are certain complaints about a defective machine that does not work from the beginning due to issues such as a bad motor or feeder.

Jugs BP1 Baseball/Softball Combo Pitching Machine


Material: Metal
Suggested users: Youth/Adult
Item weight: 75 lbs.



+ Perfect choice for beginners
+ Has a digital readout display
+ Throws various types of pitches
+ Easy to set up and highly portable



The Jugs BP1 baseball/softball combo pitching machine is a top choice for many young and adult players.

Also, it is a perfect machine for beginners who want to establish their hitting practice because the balls arrive virtually at the same point every time. So, the young players find hitting more fun and easier.

Moreover, the machine has a digital display, so you can adjust BP1 to throw pitches at your desired speed.

It throws various types of pitches such as baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, etc. So, you get multiple options in one package.

Also, this machine is highly portable, and you can easily transport it to your desired location just like the Hack Attack Junior.

Heater Sports Heavy Duty Baseball Pitching Machine


Material: All-metal housing
Suggested users: Unisex adults
Item weight: 47 pounds



+ Highly durable
Pivot head adjustment available
Has an automatic ball feeder
Provides multiple speeding options


- Doesn’t pitch real balls

The Heater Sports Heavy Duty Baseball Pitching Machine is made of high-quality all-metal housing, making it extremely durable.

Also, the pivot head adjustment pitches the pop flies and grounders accurately. This way, by making an easy knob alignment, you can also perfect your fielding skills.

Moreover, this pitching machine contains a 12-ball automatic feeder which drops a ball into the machine after every eight seconds. Also, if you want to pitch the balls with your hands, you can manually remove the feeder and pitch.

This heavy-duty machine offers you multiple pitch speeding options. It consists of a speed controller for adjusting the real ball pitches anywhere between 0 to 52 meters per hour.

However, the Heater Sports Heavy Duty baseball pitching machine works great with dimpled balls but completely destroys the real balls. A real ball will be totally shredded after only 3 to 4 cycles in this machine.

Heater Sports Softball Pitching Machine


Material: Steal, Rubber
Suggested users: Unisex adults
Item weight: 40 pounds



+ Has an automatic ball feeder
Improves your softball hitting and fielding techniques
Offers multiple pitch speeding options
Is highly stable
Offers maximum safety


- Ball sticks in the feeder sometimes
Heavy on pocket

The Heater Sports Pitching Machine has an automatic ball feeder, saving the effort and time needed for manual ball feeding.

So, you can hone both your softball hitting and fielding techniques with this multifunction pitching machine. This makes it the best softball pitching machine in this list.

That too, without seeking help from another person for your fielding practice, or spending double the time and effort of your own for the hitting drill.

Another appealing feature of this incredible pitching machine is its adjustable speed controller, which offers multiple speed options for throwing pitches during the practice session on the field. It throws 12-inch softballs at up to 50 mph speed.

Also, Heater Sports throws multiple types of pitches such as grinders, line drives, pop-ups, etc.

Moreover, this machine has 3 strong steel legs that provide it with great stability. Also, the machine contains a completely enclosed wheel for offering maximum safety.

However, in a few instances, the ball got stuck in the automatic feeder. So, this issue of the balls sticking in the feeder must be fixed so players can practice without discomfort. It is the best baseball pitching machine for outdoor hitting drills.

Also, this pitching machine costs a lot compared to other market options such as Louisville Slugger Blue Flame. which makes players think twice before buying this machine.

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine


Material: Metal
Suggested users: Unisex teens
Item weight: 11.9 pounds



+ Easy to assemble
Portable and convenient
Throws various types of pitches
Has various pitch-speeding options
Throws extremely accurate pitches
Needs no battery or electricity
Costs a reasonable price


- Unsuitable for children

The Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine is an efficient baseball and softball pitching machine that helps you master your game through consistent hitting practice.

For starters, this pitching machine is easy to assemble. So, you don’t have difficulty setting this machine up to start your practice.

Also, this Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine is portable. You can transport it easily in an SUV or a truck. However, for a regular-sized car, you need to remove the front feet of the machine, and then you can easily place it in the car trunk and take it wherever needed.

Moreover, this Blue Flame machine specializes in throwing different kinds of balls. These balls include dimple balls, plastic balls, hard balls, fastpitch softballs, hard balls, light flight, and even volleyballs and soccer.

Another promising addition to this Louisville pitching machine is its adaptable pitch speed control that provides various speed options you can utilize based on your preferences and requirements in the practice session.

Also, this machine throws extremely accurate and targeted throws. Due to the accurate throws, you won’t have to adjust your posture at every ball, and you can focus on honing your batting practice without any unease.

The Louisville Slugger Blue Flame machine is manually operated, and you don’t need to power it through batteries or electricity. However, you need to put in extra effort and energy in the form of a second person to assist your practice.

It does not cost you an arm and a leg; you can buy it without worry. Still, it is not the most pocket-friendly option as the Heater Power Alley Lite 360 machine is even cheaper.

However, this Louisville Slugger Blue Flame is unsafe for kids. The strong metal arm moves forward and oscillates back to its place really quick and hard. So, you should not have kids around the machine.

Heater Power Alley Lite 360 Lite Baseball Pitching Machine


Material: High Impact Plastic Housing
Suggested users: Unisex adults
Item weight: 11 Pounds



+ Ensures safety
Can throw balls at a 360-degree angle
Has adjustable ball speeding
Optional automatic feeder


- Balls lag sometimes
Produces noise

The Heater Power Alley 360 Lite Pitching Machine is a great option for practicing fielding and hitting.

The Power Alley has a completely encased tire, making it a safe option for everyone, including kids.

The pocket-friendly cost is the most notable thing about The Heater Power Alley 360. So, you can buy a highly efficient pitching machine for your kids without worrying about the budget.

Also, this pitching machine can throw curves, sliders, and fastballs at a 360-degree angle. You just need to tilt its head to pitch huge pop flies or fast ground pitches up to about 200 feet.

Moreover, the Heater Power Alley Lite 360 baseball contains an adjustable speed controller that throws balls at various speeds. It throws pitches from 40 to 80 mph. Also, you can enhance or reduce the speed by moving the pitching machine farther or closer to the striker.

The machine comes with an automatic ball feeder which is retailed separately. This way, you can do well with your practice without involving the other person.

However, the automatic machine feeder is not very efficient, and the ball lags in it sometimes which causes discomfort in the practice leading to inconsistency in performance.

Another drawback of the Heater Power Alley Lite 360 baseball pitching machine is that it produces horrible noise which is intolerable for the people around as well as the players.

Also, it results in a focus diversion and hence an ultimate decline in performance.

Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine


Material: Plastic
Suggested users: Kids aged 8 to 12
Item weight: 4.59 pounds



+ Great baseball toy
Has adjustable angles
Safe for practicing kids
Costs a reasonable price


- Poor accuracy
Pitches only plastic balls

The Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine is an amazing toy for little baseball fans. You only need to set this machine up for your kid and load it with balls! Then, they can have baseball fun for as long as they want!

Also, this pitching machine for kids has various adjustable launching angles for practicing fast pitch or soft toss. Kids can also improve their fielding skills by adjusting the launch angle for practicing pop flies or ground balls. So, they can practice hitting and fielding as per their desire and preference!

As this pitching machine is exclusively for kids, its utmost concern should be ensuring safety for kids, and the Franklin Sports machine does not disappoint with it. You can use this pitching machine for your small kids who are beginning to learn even the basics, and it is absolutely safe to use.

Also, this pitching machine does not cost much, and you can buy it without worrying about budget.

However, there are some complaints that the accuracy of the pitches is questionable. Although extreme accuracy is not essential for such young kids, it would be better if the pitching machine had more accurate throws to help kids launch their best practice from the beginning.

Also, this machine throws only plastic balls. So, if you wish to use other balls interchangeably, the Franklin Sports baseball pitching machine would disappoint you.

Final Thoughts

Now you are informed enough to choose your desired product based on the reviews above.
If you want the best overall option, do not miss out on the Hack Attack as it works best for softball and baseball. For youth, the Junior Hack Attack is the best purchase!

If you want an efficient combo pitching machine, you should use a Heater Sports machine. However, it is highly expensive. You can also buy a relatively less expensive and portable, Louisville Slugger Blue Flame that works best for baseball or softball.
The best budget choice is Heater Power Alley Lite 360. So, you should consider buying this if you have a short budget.

If you want to buy a pitching machine for the practice of your small kids, you should buy them a Franklin Sports baseball pitching machine as it pitches plastic balls only. Also, it is extremely safe for kids!

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Buying guide

If you want to buy a pitching machine for your kids to practice their softball and baseball hitting and fielding and are not well-informed, we are here to help.

The following ultimate guide to buying a pitching machine sheds light on all you need to know before purchasing.

Does it suit your abilities?

Practice sessions with pitching machines yield the best result only if you use the machine that suits your abilities. The following categorization will help you best regarding the correct ball choice for practicing with a pitching machine.


For beginners, a pitching machine throws balls regularly at a specific speed as small as 10 meters per hour. So, the small kids can learn their batting skills easily and comfortably, and their parents can carry the compact, lightweight pitching machine wherever desired.

Youth League:

For youth leagues, you need reliable and safe pitches. So, better choose a single-motor pitching machine that throws RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) balls. Also, the maximum speed for throwing pitches should be around 60 meters per hour. A few models of pitching machines for youth leagues can be easily carried in movable carts whereas the others contain transport wheels to make them portable.


Pro, college, and high school players desire variety and fast throwing speed. So, go for the machines having a speed of 90 meters per hour or more, multiple pitching options, dual motors, etc. Also, look if they are portable and can throw sliders, fastballs, right, left, and curve balls. Machines that can throw at a 360-degree angle enable you to toss balls to various parts of the ground without moving the pitching machine. When operated by the vertical pivot, they can generate fielding pitches for instance ground balls, fly balls, and pop-ups.

Can it help in fielding practice also?

Some machines are incapable or too rigid to change spin rates, so using them on the field for fly-ball or ground-ball practice is nearly pointless. For that matter, three-wheel pitching machines produce the most suitable spin upon hit balls, if they aren’t too heavy to adjust rapidly.

Is it pocket-friendly?

Pricing is one of the most important considerations to remember before choosing a product you want to buy. The cost of new machines starts from a few hundred USDs for a portable, basic pitching machine to a few thousand USDs for bulkier and more advanced machines. So, you should choose wisely and choose a pitching match that costs you an affordable amount of money and carries the maximum desirable features you are looking for.

What is its style?

The pitching machines for your backyard come in two following styles:

Arm style

If you have been to any batting cage before, there are high chances you might have thrown pitches with an arm-style machine.

Arm style pitching is best for its consistency and pitches the fastballs straight along the line.

Also, this pitching style cannot provide variety in pitches. However, the pitching machines throwing balls in arm style can usually hoard hundreds of pitches because of their big hoppers.

Arm style pitching machines will be the best choice for you if you plan to improve your baseball swing. Also, they can be easily installed in batting cages in your small backyard space and are great for team practice.

However, the arm style pitching machines are generally heavier, not portable, and highly expensive.

Wheel style

It is also essential for you to take wheel type into your account before buying a pitching machine.

They offer more diverse kinds of pitching than simple straight-line pitching by arm style machines.

Wheel style pitching machines has the following three distinct types, so it is not simple to make a choice from three available options.

One-Wheel machines

These pitching machines strikingly resemble the arm style machine as they can throw the faster balls only.

As there is a single wheel for moving the ball, so there is hardly any room for getting much diversity in the movement.

These one wheel pitching machines perform best for small players of 5 years up to late teens.

A promising benefit of these pitching machines is that they cost lesser money than the arm-styling machines.

Two-wheel and three-wheel pitching machines

With the addition of a 2nd wheel, there is enhanced control and power for all the balls the machine pitches.

Both wheels spin at different rates and are completely independent of each other. So, a two-wheeler machine adds more spin to every pitch thrown.

Also, the pitches of a two-wheeler machine are more accurate and consistent than those of a one-wheeler machine. Mostly, the two-wheel machine throws balls at 90 meters per hour.

Regarding age group, if the player is 8 years old or more, you should go for a two-wheel pitching machine. However, the speed limit must be adjusted according to the age of the players.

When a third wheel is added to the pitching machine, the range and complexity of the pitches also increase. Also, a stronger motor is attached to it, adding to the 3 wheel pitching machine power.

Moreover, the pitches of a three-wheel machine are faster and more dynamic. Usually, every wheel has a separate motor that gives more control and thus spins individually without the influence of the other two wheels.

That’s why three-wheel machines can throw all types of pitches on the field.

A three-wheel machine would do really well if you are looking for a suitable pitching machine for advanced and older players.

Also, the fact that they are the most powerful and accurate makes them an ideal choice for adult players.

However, the price of these machines is significantly high so it might be unaffordable for you. Also, they are heavy., complex, accurate, powerful, and large so the price is justified.

Is it portable?

You need to transport your pitching machines many a time. Portable pitching machines can be moved easily from one place to the other. The more portable the pitching machine, the better. So, you can transport them from your backyard cage to practice ground, and then back to your indoor space whenever you want.

Regarding portability, three-wheel pitching machines are usually not portable because of their heavy weight. So, transporting them from one place to another is usually an uphill task.

So, the two-wheeler and one-wheeler pitching machines should be picked over three-wheelers due to their small size.

When buying a pitching machine, you should consider the above-mentioned aspect for the wise investment of your money and the perfect hitting and fielding practice.

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